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Sexual Harassment Cell

The college has established a sexual harassment cell, with one of the faculty member as incharge of the cell. The cell works on the objectives of providing security and counselling to those who have faced harassment and after effect mental trauma. The group that comes for persuing B.Ed is of unique kind and has the potential to give rise to unique problems. The mature in-service pupil teachers have adjustment and adaptability problems with young inexperienced pre service pupil teachers. The two groups are filled with wrong notions, opinions, biases and prejudices. This misconception leads to argument and verbal attacks around gender insensitivity. The solution for all these problems lies in counselling and guidance through workshops and training programmes. Such programmes have bright chances for dispelling wrong biases and prejudices through interaction, discussion and sharing. This results in developing gender sensitivity in teachers. Defence mechanism workshops are conducted for the same purpose. The young pupil girl teachers feels confidant and empowered after the completion of this training programme. The cell also address the overwhelming stress problems by arranging a stress management workshop for young pre-service and in-service pupil-teachers.

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