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The Library is equipped with large number of books with wide range of subjects of study. It has a reading room to accommodate a large number of students at a time. The collection of books is increasing every year, the attempt is to make it one of the best library. Some details of the libraries in any S.F.D.

A Large Number of Periodic Magazines and Nearly all leading Newspapers are available to enhance the knowledge of students.

  • The library is well stocked by more then 8009 books.
  • We subscribed 20 National education journal.
  • We have 1751 referance books on education.
  • We have 40 set of encyclopedias & 25 dictionaries.
  • In our library we have internet, photocopy, printing facilities etc.
  • Book Bank facility is also available in our library.
  • Various E-Learning resources is available in our library.
  • Our library is user friendly & fully automated.
  • Our library is works through library advisory committee.
  • Seating capacity of our library is 70 persons
  • In our library separate internet section is also available

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