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B. Ed.

B.Ed. Full Time One Year Course

Practice Teaching :

(a) Practice teaching will be organized on two or three days per week through a cycle of "Practice-Feedback-Practice" leading to near mastery of various teaching skills.

(b) Observation by Peers.

(c) Community work with special focus on educating dropouts, non-starters and adult illiterates @ 3 to 5 individuals to be educated by each BEd. trainee.

Internship :

Apart from teaching practice experience in school, the trainee-teacher should function as a regular teacher in a school (i.e. taking attendance, participation in staff meetings, preparing 'written work' e.g. notices, examination papers, letters to parents, maintenance of schools records etc.

The trainee-teacher should prepare a report about the school experiences with specific reference to their chosen area of specialization.

Internship should be utilized for completing the application based assignments of the theory papers.

Paper I - Teacher in Emerging Indian Society.

Paper II - Development of Learner and Teaching Learning Process.

Paper III -Development of Educational System in India.

Paper IV -Essentials of Educational Technology and Management.

Teaching Methods

1. Methods of Teaching - Physical / Science / Bio Science.

2. Methods of Teaching - Biological Sciences.

3. Methods of Teaching - Social Sciences.

4. Methods of Teaching - Languages (Hindi / English/ Sanskrit / Urdu).

5. Methods of Teaching - Commerce / Home Science / Music / Fine Arts.

Elective Subject

One elective subject to be decided by considering the following :

1. All elective must be contributing for extra capability of delivering the goods.

2. All electives should have equal difficulty level.

3. All electives should be unique in nature without being covered in any other area (of B.Ed. paper).

4. All electives should have full bearing over the latest development of the contemporary world.

Elective Course

1. . Population Education.

2. Education Administration and Management.

3. Environmental Education.

4. Educational & Mental Management.

5. Information and Career Guidance.

6. Teaching of Values.

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